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    Mobile Car Wash / Truck Wash & Mobile Cleaning Equipment Buyer's Guide

    -Sunday, 23 May 2021

    Mobile Car Wash / Mobile Cleaning Equipment

    Dultmeier Sales carries a huge inventory of equipment, supplies, systems and parts that can be used for mobile car washing, mobile cleaning, truck/fleet washing and high pressure cleaning. Pressures of up to 7,300 PSI can be used for a wide variety of applications including cleaning driveways, decks, sidewalks, houses, dealership vehicles, quick shops, sidewalks, parking lots, drive-ups, industrial cleaning, food processing facilities and more.

    Some of the mobile cleaning equipment Dultmeier carries includes truck mounted skid sprayers, pressure washers, hot water generators, spot free rinse systems, spray guns and turbo nozzles, high pressure pumps, tanks, carpet cleaning extractors/tools, high pressure hose, car/truck cleaning chemicals, gas engines, and electric motors, waste water capture systems, wet/dry shop vacuums, compressed air sprayers, surface cleaners and much more.

    Custom built systems are available, please call 1-888-677-5054 for more information.

    Truck Mounted Skid Sprayers for High Pressure Mobile Cleaning or Mobile Car Washing from your Pickup, Van or Utility Vehicle.

    Skid Sprayers

    Truck mounted skid sprayers for high pressure cleaning applications come with gear reduction CAT plunger pumps driven by Honda gas engines for years of dependable service. Compact units designed to fit small pickups, vans, or utility vehicles, larger units designed for standard pickup truck beds, trailers or large vans.


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    Portable Pressure Washers with AR, General, Comet or Cat Pumps, Electric Motor Drive or Honda Gas Engine Drive.

    Pressure Washers

    Hot & cold water pressure washer units for light duty cleaning applications up to tough industrial cleaning. Electric motor or gas engine driven cold water pressure washers with AR, General or Cat Pumps. Professionally engineered portable oil fired hot water pressure washers with gas engine or electric motor drive. Standard features include spray guns, high pressure hose & more.


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    Hot Water Generators

    Hot Water Generators for instant hot water from your cold water pressure washer, designed for downstream and high pressure applications. Standard features include automatic burner shutdown & adjustable thermostat control. Kerosene, diesel, natural gas or LP gas fired. Coil carries 5 year warranty.


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    Reverse Osmosis / Spot Free Rinse Systems

    Reverse Osmosis / Spot Free Rinse Systems for spot free rinse water. Available from 800 to 11,000 gallons per day for production, transfer and storage systems.


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    Spray Guns, Spray Wands and Extensions

    High pressure Spray Guns for high pressure washing & plant washdown from Suttner, Giant, Spraying Systems, US Paraplate, General, SuperKlean & others. Weep, non-weep and dump guns available.


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    High Pressure Spray Nozzles

    High Pressure Rotating Spray Nozzles including Cat Tornado Nozzles, RotoJet, Rotomax, Giant (Oscillating & Turbo), Spraying Systems (including fixed nozzles in FPT, MPT & Quick Couple) and General brands. Also available are high pressure X-Jet Cleaning Nozzles for Long Distance Spraying of up to 40 ft.


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    Pumps & Pump Systems

    Huge selection of car wash / high pressure pumps & pump systems to choose from for all your mobile car wash / mobile cleaning requirements including Cat Pumps, General, Arimitsu, AR, Udor, Wanner, Giant, Hypro, Flojet, Shurflo, and many more! Replacement pressure washer pumps and pump repair parts also available.


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    Dultmeier offers a large selection of Tanks to choose from including pickup truck tanks, general storage tanks, vertical, horizontal & rectangular poly tanks and more sizes (from 5 to 5,500 gallons), shapes & materials.


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    Surface Cleaners

    High pressure rotary surface cleaners, water brooms, lot sweepers and roof cleaners for cleaning parking lots, driveways, warehouse or shop floors or any other large surfaces. Available in stainless steel or poly in a variety of price ranges.


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    Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning

    Carpet Extractors and extractor attachments for portable carpet and upholstery cleaning in cars and trucks.


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    High Pressure Hose

    High Pressure Hose and hose assemblies for hot and cold water pressure washers, hot water washdown and more. Wrapped, smooth, abrasion-resistant and non-marking styles available.


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    Soaps & Detergents

    Biodegradable soaps and waxes, aluminum and stainless steel bulk cleaners, grease cutters and other specially formulated truck wash cleaners / detergents. Brands include Dultmeier, Turtle Wax & Simoniz.


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    Wash Water Containment

    Portable wash pads, water capture systems and sewer drain covers for car/truck washing, truck trailer washout and other mobile cleaning applications where wash water containment is necessary.


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    Vacuums for heavy-duty commercial cleaning. Eagle Power vacuums are available with either polyurethane or stainless steel tanks in 10 to 24 gallon capacities. Adams & other industrial coin-operated vacuums available.


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    Detailing / Polishing Equipment & Supplies

    Portable compressed air sprayers for applying degreasers, bug cleaners, tire dressings and other cleaning solutions. Tanks run on compressed air filled by your air compressor, so no air lines or electrical connections are needed.


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