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    Pump & Sprayer Repair Policy

    Pump & Sprayer Repair Policy


    Chemical Equipment Cleaning Requirements

    Due to OSHA & EPA requirements, the ever-increasing variety of chemicals used in spraying equipment, and for the safety of our service technicians, we are now requiring all equipment to be thoroughly rinsed, cleaned and dried before accepting equipment for repair. This includes cleaning and removal of all chemical and residue inside the inlet strainer. Tanks and hoses must be cleaned with a tank cleaning product followed by rinsing the tank twice with fresh water.

    If the unit cannot be properly cleaned due to pump failure, please remove pump and engine from unit, and clean chemical residue from outside and inside pump. If diaphragms are blown out and the oil is contaminated, drain contaminated oil before bringing unit in for repair.

    If you have any questions regarding turf or deice sprayers or pump repair work, please call us and ask for our Service Department. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve your needs.

    Please complete the Required Equipment Cleaning Checklist and include it with equipment for repair: Chemical Equipment Cleaning Requirements PDF