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    Disinfecting Foamer Excites Poultry Industry

    Leading Poultry Producers have recently approved the patent pending design of the JBI Poultry Disinfectant Foaming Trailer. JBI Services partnered with Dultmeier Sales in early 2017 to transform this idea and design into reality.

    Inception of the JBI Poultry Disinfectant Foaming Trailer

    Several of the nation’s leading poultry producers have been rigorously testing a disinfecting sprayer designed by JBI Services and Dultmeier Sales. JBI teamed up with Mike Hansen (Dultmeier Sales) to make their vision become reality. The idea for a portable trailer unit, designed to disinfect poultry barns, originated in early 2017 and became reality with the aid of Dultmeier in the component supply.


    Poultry Barn Environment

    Poultry barns can be a breeding ground for nasty viruses and a whole host of insects if not managed and disinfected on a regular basis. In order to ensure that the entire barn population doesn’t die an operator must efficiently and properly control bacteria and insects.

    Recommended by Veterinarians, the applying of disinfectants that are foamed, produce a better contact time for bacteria kill on all surfaces in a poultry barn. Such was the creation of the JBI Foaming Poultry Trailer. Some of the common poultry diseases include salmonella, blackhead disease, avian malaria, avian influenza, and clostridium dermatitis.

    The Poultry Federation is an extensive resource for best practices for poultry house cleaning and disinfection

    Product Insight

    We were able to hook up with Mike Hansen (Dultmeier Sales) and Butch Belt (Belt Auto & Trailer Sales) to get a testimonial from both of them and gain a little more insight as to how the idea/concept came to be an actual physical system that is solving a serious issue for the poultry industry. A solution that could potentially revolutionize the bio-security industry.

    Butch Belt: “Dultmeier Sales was a key to our success in building our Poultry Barn Foaming trailer used for clean out and disinfectant for bio-security and animal welfare in poultry barns. There are many existing poultry trailers in the marketplace, but none that are focused on providing a foaming action. Foaming allows for disinfectants to provide thorough contact time on all surfaces within a poultry barn operation. Mike Hansen with Dultmeier Sales provided the expertise and experience that we needed for our team. Parts, pricing, engineering and just plan ideas, got us to our goal of a revolutionary Poultry Barn Foaming Trailer.”

    “Dultmeier Sales and Butch Belt of Belt Auto & Trailer Sales worked together to design a portable trailer unit for disinfecting poultry barns. Dultmeier supplied all of the components that create the foam for the hand wand as well as the floor and wall booms along with a transfer pump that meters correct product concentration to the supply tank. Butch and his staff helped with this design as well as testing and training for customer approval. Currently, one system is on test at Tyson Foods and we are eagerly awaiting their test results and approval to move forward with supplying more of these units.”  - Mike Hansen, Dultmeier Sales

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